Question: Why is the filler maltodextrin added to Juice Plus® products?

Dr. Ray’s Answer: First of all, maltodextrin is a fiber found in fruits and vegetables. It is not a synthetic ingredient. Fibers such as these protect the phytonutrients. That is, they provide safe passage through the stomach acids and into the small intestines to provide high bioavailability of the nutrients as the body of clinical research with Juice Plus® clearly indicates. Fibers also feed the healthy flora in the gut. In addition here is what Dr. Madero, from NSA, says about fillers:

Dr. Madero’s Answer: The term “fillers” refers to any type of inert or cheap ingredient used to fill a void (inside a capsule, for example). In the Juice Plus Complete we do not have to fill capsules or anything, it is measured with a scoop. If maltodextrin was not needed, it simply would not be added! One less expense, less weight to pack and ship! Maltodextrin is actually part of the “texture” expected of a shake, that is why it is used in Complete. In the case of the Chewables, it is a different maltodextrin, one that is digestion-resistant, therefore it is the main source of the food fiber in the product. You may remember that the old Gummies and Hard chewables had no fiber to speak of, and customers had continuously been asking why we could not add some more fiber. Well, there you go, there is now half gram of fiber in each soft Chewable, mainly provided by the maltodextrin. Bottom line, there are no fillers!